Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 5!?!?!

OK, I was doing my early-morning blog-stalking this morning while eating my oatmeal and had a revelation. I went out to Nell Ann's site and saw her official # was #8 for the boys. Well, I knew she was #2 unofficial but didn't know her official #'s...

That got the wheels going ... if she is #8 official/#2 unofficial and we're #11 official, that would make us #5 unofficial!

So, I went out to look at a spreadsheet that was put together by an amazingly diligent and organized person of everyone's official #'s ... and there it was ... we're 3 behind Justin & Nell Ann!

We're still unofficial #15 on the girls so it's looking more and more like a boy!?! However, we know God is in control and has the perfect child picked out for us ... boy or girl. He had this child ready for us in His perfect timing long before Amber and I were even born. I told our case manager today that if that was not the case, we would most likely not be on this journey because He placed adoption and specifically Ethiopia in our hearts.

What I do know is that God has been with us throughout this whole journey. While we have longed for our child, we have not been overly anxious or overwhelmed. His peace that came over us when we followed His invitation has been with us throughout. In looking at the timeline at the top of the page, it's been over 6 months into the journey ... honestly, which has gone by quickly ... pretty amazing.

However, for some reason, that number has quickly made me realize how much there is to do prior to our child coming home. I have to get some tiling done around our stove in the basement, get new carpet, gotta order baby furniture (got a post coming at some point on furniture and things we've gotten so far), build a toybox/window seat in the dormer in the nursery, get the nursery painted and "put together", etc, etc...whew, already getting tired.

But until then, I'm going to spend lunch celebrating in the Lord for being...


Paul and DeeDee said...

holy moly....wow. ok I need to catch up so we can stay together:)

Chris and Jana said...

Hi guys!

Yep...we're right behind you guys on the girl's list! The spreadsheet had me confused, but I agree with you guys. We've always been right behind you...so, keep that stalking up so we can ride on your coat tails! (one word, two words?)

Looking forward to following your journey!!

Chris and Jana

Jonathan said...

Yahooooo!!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Lucht!!! Emily W.

Kristi J said...

so exciting...You're getting to the top of the list too...It is slow this week so far...I hope more referrals are coming...We'll see, kristi

Easties and Co. said...

How exciting! I hope to be on the waiting list and posting our # soon!
Giddy with excitement,
Theresa :)

Kristi J said...

There is a good chance i could be traveling with you guys...that would be great to travel with locals :) kristi