Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flat-out God Miracle!

I've written a couple times about Project Ryan ... in summary, it's something God laid on my heart to help a local family who had a 3 year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy ... namely, helping him get a wheelchair and a handicap-accessible van. I felt like Moses in the beginning and asked God multiple times if He knew what He was doing and who He asked to do it. What I came to learn was that GOD was going to bless this family with these things to give Ryan the freedom we take for granted but He was more interested in the hearts that were changed due to this project.

Well, a flat-out miracle happened in September/October when a wheelchair was donated to Ryan ... it was barely used and new, it would have retailed for $40,000! It's crazy to think a wheelchair is worth more than a car but I guess that is what happens when the word "medical" is used in describing something.

Another unreal miracle happened the week before Christmas. We had a bowling and silent auction fundraiser in October that did well but were were well short of being able to get the family a van. I checked the account on December 13th and amazingly, we had around $12,000 more in the account since the fundraiser ... absolutely unreal. Unreal...

Well, the prayer now was to see if we could get a van before Christmas ... what an amazing Christmas gift. In short, God used a dealership in Knoxville, TN, to deliver us a van in a deal only God could orchestrate. He understood he was a part of a God miracle ... so ... if you need a vehicle and are near the Knoxville area, contact Mark Bledsoe at the West Knoxville Toyota dealer. A phenomenal man that drove over to witness the van reveal to the family.

I need to write all the details down soon to detail everything that fell into place ... God's perfect hand in His perfect timing. What I do know is that God has shown up in miraculous ways. In the meantime, a couple videos were made...

At the family church on Sunday evening service on December 21st, the 2008 Toyota Sienna van was revealed to the family ... they had no idea we had it ... so awesome.

This 7 minute video was shown on the screen at the service...

Van Reveal Video

This 9+ minute video was during the church service in which the van was revealed...

Van Reveal Service

Now, we have a little more work to do to pay the van completely off but we know this is a God-initiated project and we know He will see it through completion.

Amber and Ryan at the October fundraiser in his new wheelchair

BTW, Ryan has named his wheelchair "Lightening McQueen" since it's red and his love for "Cars" :) ... how perfect!



Anonymous said...

there are tears in my eyes. wow.

Tisha said...

WOW! That is a God miracle. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I also had tears, lots of them!