Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Little Jacob was born yesterday ... you can read about it here.

Please be praying that God will strengthen him and heal him! I know God will be glorified through this little boy.

Also, if you're in the Nashville area, our church is hosting a 3 night seminar with an Israeli Defense Force Lt. Colonel ... our church is a huge supporter of Israel and he is a good friend of our pastor and church. Up until I started attending our church, I didn't realize the indebtedness I need to have to the people of Israel or the support I need to show and give them. At the end of the day, God chose them as His people, they are still His people, and my Lord and Savior is returning to the land that He promised His people. Without the Jewish people, we'd have no 10 Commandments, no Old Testament, no prophets, no disciples, no Messiah, no salvation for us as Gentiles ... just to name a few...

In any event, Mr. Simon spoke last night and will be speaking tonight and Thursday night ... last night was alot about geography from Biblical ancient days (waterways, roads, etc, etc) and why conflict was always there. Understanding the geography of the Land makes the Bible make so much more sense. Our church does a tour once a year to Israel and it's on Amber and my to-do list at some point in the future. Tonight topic is about the days of Jesus and Thursday night he will be speaking on the current conflicts going on, especially with the Palestinians...si if you're in the area, trust me, it'd be well worth it.


Paul and DeeDee said...

Ok I am taking a break from Black baby White Hands because I just can't seem to get into it...sometimes that happens to me but I end up really enjoying it a month or so later. So I am going up to the church library tomorrow to get the shack:)

we are praying for baby jacob:) praise God for his life today!

Kristi J said...

praying for jacob!! and still heard nothing today...2 more days to the week :) kristi