Sunday, November 9, 2008

Send Off!

This past week has been pretty busy and we made great progress on the adoption's a recap:

Monday - Got an email from our social worker Kim stating that AGCI approved the home study. I spent the night sanding drywall in the living room

Tuesday - I went to Miriam's Promise over lunch to pick up the home study. We met a couple for coffee in the evening to tell them about AGCI and our adoption experience so far. They feel God calling them to adopt and AGCI is one of two agencies on their list.

Wednesday - Amber made copies of the home study and mailed our dossier in to AGCI! With our case manager Julie in Ethiopia until the middle of next week, I'm not sure when it will get looked at. I emailed the person filling in for her but have not heard back to see what the standard review time is for the dossier. I know that she is swamped doing 2 jobs while Julie is out. We're hoping to be on the lists in the next couple weeks. With the last update on October 31st, there were 24 families on the girls' list and 13 families on the boys' list. So now we are in the "waiting mode" again. If any of you know what the wait is for the dossier approval, please let us know! THANKS! We then went on to study Revelations at our Bible Study.

Thursday - Amber and I went to get our fingerprints done for the I-600A form. This was somewhat intimidating going in ... I think we were the only natural-born Americans (besides the workers) in the office. We were in and out in probably 30 minutes which was great. What wasn't great is that apparently I sanded off my fingerprints with all the work I've been doing. The worker lady had a real tough time trying to get my prints. She said they may go through but there is a possibility they may get rejected and I have to come back. If I get a letter in the next 2 weeks, that means they were rejected and I have to go back. We're praying they get through and we'll be able to get our CIS approval.

We had a big release due on Friday for work so I spent all night working to try to get that done; unfortunately, no work on the living room was done.

Friday - TGIF! I spent the night putting the 2nd coat of mud on the living room walls and then hung out with Amber after that. We just had a low-key night and she got to pick out the movie ... Corrina, Corrina. I had never seen it due to my thinking it was a chic-flick ... and it was, but I had a whole new respect for it now that we are in the midst of adopting from Ethiopia. So, it was a good choice by my wife.

Saturday - I sanded the living room walls and put on a hopeful final skim coat on the walls. We went to church and heard guest speaker Joe McGee speak. He was at church for a parenting seminar this weekend. The guy is hilarious but right on in his message. He speaks alot about how the biological makeups of men and women are different. We grabbed his product brochure as I'm sure we'll be getting some of his books/cd's.

Our friend Saul is a musician and he has partnered with a local place to try to give the 30/40-somethings a fun date night out but still get home to the babysitter by 10pm. He went on stage at 7pm, played for an hour-ish, had another artist play, and we were out of there by 10pm. We don't get out to do those types of things much so it was a fun night ... plus, it was great to hear Saul play.

Sunday - Today I plan to do the hopeful final sanding on the walls and get the mess cleaned up. The goal is to get the plastic cleaned up and the dust swept up. I gotta mow the leaves too ... it's going to be a dusty mess out there. My poor lungs have been taking in all the drywall dust so I guess they're kinda used to it by now. I also need to make a trip to Lowe's to return extra drywall, etc.

We greet at Sunday night church and tonight is a baby dedicaton service. Our good friends from Bible Study are dedicating their little 2 month old so it'll be great to see them putting her up before the Lord.

Alright, I guess I better get to work ... the living room isn't going to sand itself ... have a blessed day!


Paul and DeeDee said...

Well when Julie is here she said she normally reviews dossiers on Fridays but will sometimes get to them earlier in the week if she has time. Our grant check got lost in the mail so it took a little over 2 weeks for her to give us the approval. So with normal circumstances I would say 1 week at the max. But now that she is in Ethiopia, who knows:) Praying that it comes quickly for you though!

Renee said...

WE have christy as our case manager and our dossier i think was reviewed withing a couple days of her getting it. Also the family that was #13 on the boy list already got their referral. Can't wait to see what #'s you end up at.