Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our work is finished!

So everything in our power is done. We went over our dossier documents tonight with our AGCI case manager and she agreed we looked like we were complete with those. We had our home visit with our social worker yesterday. We are still waiting for our child abuse check from the Department of Children Services. Besides that, it's just our social worker getting our home study written up. She said that 30 days is standard practice but she was alluding that the draft will be less than that. Hopefully, in a couple weeks, we'll be reviewing our home study to quickly get a final version of it into our dossier.

Congrats to all the AGCI folks getting referrals ... it's awesome to see and hear the reactions and Amber and I can only imagine what that day will be like ... all in God's perfect timing.

OK, back to watching the presential debate ... it's interesting to see family and friends coming out of the woodwork emailing, texting, etc me about their opinions. That's always awkward but I'm comfortable about my Christian beliefs and sharing how those influence my political position...


Kristi J said...

Wow....thanks so much for the great comment...That was so appreciated!! I know my hubby feels the prayers....so glad you guys are making great progress...You'll be on the waitlist with us soon....Hey, we may even all travel together, Kristi

Anonymous said...

wow! it seems like you guys did all that so quickly! i can't wait to see what happens next!