Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Surrounded By Blessings

First, the Project Ryan fundraiser was a huge success. We had a good turnout with even greater hearts. I am forever humbled by the generosity of the people that came out. We had 113 tickets used for bowling while a ton of baked goodies and peanuts were bought. The silent auction was a huge hit with a couple a few items being fought over at the end. Nevertheless, I learned a ton through this fundraiser and know that God is preparing us for bigger and better things. We're not done with Project Ryan yet but we're closer. Ryan was in his new wheelchair and he was loving seeing all his friends and family. Just a huge blessing ... so to all of you who came out to support Ryan, THANK YOU. GOD will bless your giving hearts!

Secondly, a huge surprise and blessing today ... our social worker sent us our home study draft! Our social worker Kim ROCKS! Our home study visit was last Monday and she said that it could be up to 30 days ... well, 8 days later and we have the draft! WOW. Amber and I, of course, are going to go through it and make edits tonight and get them back to her tomorrow. She'll put those changes in and get it to her supervisor and AGCI ... how cool would it be to be on the list by Halloween!?! May not be realistic but here's praying and still trusting in God's perfect timing.


Three2Five said...

That would be so exciting for you guys to make the list by Halloween! Your homestudy agent really does Rock! 8 days is very impressive!

Margaret said...

It's awesome that things are happening so QUICKLY!! It makes me wonder what kind of Christmas present you might be getting??!!

It was great to see you both twice in one week, even if one of those times was for my dad's (your grandpa's) funeral. And thanks for sharing Matt and Amy's special day!

Glad to hear "Project Ryan" is moving right along. May God keep it progressing and blessing. (Thanks for your prayers for Dave. We know God is at work.)