Wednesday, May 8, 2013

11 months(and 2 days!)

Two days ago this girl turned 11 months old.  How is that possible?

May 2013 008

Once again, she has had a busy month, and here is a little recap of her latest happenings.

1. Someone officially started crawling on April 17. She is also pulling to stand on everything, starting to cruise along furniture, and beginning to take steps with her hands held.  To summarize, she doesn’t sit still for long these days!

2. She has greatly expanded her diet. She is eating a lot of table foods, and doesn’t prefer to be fed anymore.  Her independent side shines when it comes to meal time.

April2013 026

3. She is beginning to imitate animal sounds.  Her favorites include a puppy(woof! woof!), cat (meow), and sheep (baa! baa!). She is also saying ‘bye’ when she wants to.

April2013 024

4. She is a little bit feisty.  She can go from happy go lucky to screaming mad at the flip of a switch, and don’t get in her way when she’s in her mad state because she lets her arms fly!

May 2013 012

5.  She is slowly starting to stretch out her afternoon nap from one hour to more like an hour and a half or two hours which I am very fond of! (in the picture below, she is using a blanket that was mine as a baby…love it)

April2013 037

6.  My favorite thing is that she is beginning to do her own ‘praying hands’ at meal time.  It is truly one of the cutest things, and I pray that this is an area she continues to develop in for years to come!

I think that is a pretty good summary for this month.  It’s hard to imagine she is almost a year old! We thank God every day for her life, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones.  I will leave you with a few more pictures from the past month.

April2013 032 

April2013 046

May 2013 003 

May 2013 007 

May 2013 018


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