Saturday, April 6, 2013

And Today Makes 10 months Old!

April2013 006

This little diva is 10 months old today!  This past month has been one with lots of changes for her, but she has taken it all in stride.  I will do a quick recap of what is new for her:

1. She got her first two teeth! So you can’t really see them in the picture below, but they have both popped through her gums, and she has been a little cranky with a slight decrease in appetite.  Other than that, she has survived the first two like a champ!

April2013 015

2. We went cold turkey in taking the pacifier away, and she has been pacifier free for over a week now! (you are probably thinking we are super mean taking it away when she is starting to get teeth; however, she couldn’t get to sleep with it anyway due to excessive drool/drainage AND we figure it’s better to break her from it now than later!)

3. She is frequently getting on hands/knees and rocking back/forth, and she is starting to pull herself into standing at furniture. She LOVES to be in standing, and it’s so cute to watch her.

April2013 014

4. She is now eating proteins such as beans, chicken, and eggs in her diet.  She continues to eat everything we give her. I hope this trend continues!

5.  By far, my most favorite thing she started doing is in the video below.  We have been working on it a LONG time….so I am happy to say the hard work has paid off:)

That is it for our sweet girl for this month!  She is growing up way too fast, but we are enjoying every second we have with her! I will leave you with a few sweet pictures from Easter weekend!  

March2013 061

March2013 082

March2013 083

March2013 087

March2013 094

March2013 089

These two sweet blessings truly enjoyed celebrating our Risen Savior!

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