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December 2012 Recap

Once again, another month has gone by since my last post.  Silas is going to have so many memories of his first few years, and poor Saylor gets cut a little short! I guess that is what happens to the second child, and any children thereafter.  Since I am a middle child, I will be able to sympathize with her:)

December was busy in some ways, but much more relaxed than in previous years.  We had lots of time spent at home, and part of that was due to Silas and Saylor getting a stomach virus.  Regardless, I tried to savor getting to soak up lots of time at home with my kids because I knew my return to work was right around the corner.  Fortunately, I am grateful that I only work two days a week, and I love what I do which helps!  This post is filled with LOTS of pictures to give you a glimpse into the wonderful month in which we celebrated the birth of our Savior!


December 2012 003 

These Nutter Butter Snowmen were a hit with Silas’ Cubbie class at Awana which is held at our church. He was thrilled to take them because whoever brings snack gets to be the line leader!

December 2012 021

We visited Chick-Fil-A early one Saturday morning to get a picture with Santa.  Silas was just as excited to get a picture with the cow.

December 2012 023

Buddy the Elf made his appearance shortly after Thanksgiving.  On this particular day, Silas wanted to sticker himself up like Buddy!

December 2012 034

As the pictures continue, you will notice this Texas shirt a lot.  We are not Texas fans, and this was just a hand me down. He is a big fan of hoodie shirts though, and he wanted to leave his hood up for the duration of the night that we decorated our Christmas tree.

December 2012 040

Silas was eagerly anticipating daddy lifting him up to put the star on.  The opportunity finally came, and he was thrilled!

December 2012 042

I just love this.  Finally, BOTH of our children are here for Christmas!

December 2012 045

Silas is preparing to put his sprinkles on Christmas cookies. Saylor just got to watch this year!

December 2012 048

Silas decorated about half of them before he lost interest which left Troy and I to finish.

December 2012 051

We tried something new this year. I love Pinterest, and I saw this Gingerbread Nativity Set which I loved.  We are always looking for ways to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into our December activities. We made our best attempt to replicate the Nativity Set, and I thought it turned out pretty cute!(even though everything would just be eaten if Silas had his preference)

December 2012 053

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting Christmas cards in the mail…especially the picture ones! I just love to see how families change and/or grow each year.  They are also a reminder that we are so blessed to have wonderful family and friends!

December 2012 056

Since we would be out of town for Christmas, Santa made his appearance early at our house.  Here we have two eager kiddos waiting to open their gifts.

December 2012 009

Silas wore these pajamas for his first Christmas so we just passed them down to Saylor for her first Christmas.

December 2012 058

I am so grateful that God allowed her to be home this year.

December 2012 059

Silas really got into all things Christmas this year.  I love how he can pretty much tell the Christmas story without any prompting now.  I just pray that he will really grasp the greatest gift that has ever been given!

December 2012 063

Santa brought Silas a Leapfrog Globe, and we had to help him find Ethiopia so he could hear some Ethiopian music!

December 2012 024

We spent the first half of Christmas week in Illinois.  The kids are ready for church in their Christmas outfits. Mammaw Hess made Saylor’s dress and Silas’ bowtie which we really appreciated.

December 2012 069

Aunt Connie and Uncle Keith had lots of Christmas decorations so we decided to use them as ‘props’ for pictures. Unfortunately, it was challenging getting both kids to look at the camera at the same time!

December 2012 072

I couldn’t leave out the sweet little bloomers Mammaw made!

December 2012 025

Saylor got to meet her Great-Great Aunt Ann for the first time. She is 93, and I hope that I am as spry as she is when I get that age!

December 2012 078

Grandpa and Grandma Lucht with their grandkids.  Can you guess which child was less than thrilled to be getting more pictures taken?

December 2012 012

Saylor also met her cousin Kennedy for the first time.

December 2012 028

Saylor with cousin Cooper

December 2012 030

Silas was thrilled to get this four wheeler for Christmas even if Santa delivered it to Uncle Paul and Aunt Amy’s farm in Indiana. 

December 2012 016

These sweet cousins were thrilled to have enough snow to build a snowman!

December 2012 018

Daddy and Saylor with Christmas exhaustion setting in.

December 2012 079 

She had no shortage of love from her Uncle Adam who lives in Texas.

December 2012 031

Silas was in heaven with all the fire truck / fireman related toys he got from extended family!

December 2012 089

Mammaw with her youngest 5 grandkids.

December 2012 092

More pictures mom?? REALLY????

December 2012 093

Saylor also got to meet one of my best friends from high school over Christmas break.  She lives 6 hours from us so it was great to catch up!


December 2012 032

This was the view from my mom’ s house when we left to return home.  It was so beautiful and serene, and it reminded me how much I loved growing up in the country! I think that pretty much wraps our 2012.  We had a wonderful year, and we eagerly anticipate what God has in store for our family in 2013!

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