Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As you know from my last post, yesterday was the birth family embassy date in Ethiopia.  We received a call from our caseworker saying that the Ethiopia staff for our agency felt like the interviews went well, but we had no word on whether we were cleared yet.  She also informed us that Saylor has atypical pneumonia.  Needless to say, we were a little disheartened by the uncertainty of our clearance and our daughter being ill; however, we vowed that we would continue to trust God because He has been faithful each step of this process.  This morning we received another call from our caseworker and this time she had AMAZING news……WE. WERE. CLEARED!!!  I cannot tell you all the emotions of the past two and a half years(to the day…it was exactly 2.5 years ago today that we began the journey to bring our daughter home) that rushed through me when I was delivered this news.  I cannot believe I will forever be holding the sweet girl we have hoped for, dreamed about, prayed daily for, and loved endlessly very soon!  God is so good!

We should find out tomorrow morning when we fly out to bring Saylor home.  Our agency has requested our embassy date to be Wednesday, September 26 which means we would leave this Saturday.  If not, we will leave next Wednesday.  Of course, I am rooting for this Saturday which means we would return the following Saturday…which is September 29…..AND my birthday.  I cannot think of a better gift then to land on US soil with our daughter that day.  It’s not much longer now, Saylor, that mama and daddy will be there to bring you home forever!

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“God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful”  1 Corinthians 1:9


Matt B. said...


michelle said...

Congrats, hope you get your flights just fine, I've been keeping tabs for us to travel on Sat w/ a next week apt but we have not heard from the Embassy yet. Thinking I will be up around 2am and then again early morning to see if we hear anything. We are soooo happy for you. BTW, we had thought maybe we would be returning on the 29th of Sept, that is our eldest sons birthday, so when I saw it was yours too that gave me goosebumps. Happy early Birthday and safe travels to your little one:)

Lisa said...

So exciting!! What a whirlwind of activity you will have going on for the next few weeks. I will pray that everything goes smoothly and that you are all HOME by the beginning of October.

Delana said...

Great news! Congratulations! May your trip be fruitful and your journey uncomplicated. Get lots of rest before you go!

Meredith said...

God is so good!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your family of 4!

Alison said...

TEARS!!!! God's goodness and faithfulness is just so beautiful and overwhelming! Cannot wait to see pics of Saylor and Silas together!!! :)