Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Rain In Our Forecast and Her Name Shall Be…..

After we got the referral for our daughter a week ago this past Thursday, we literally stayed up until 2AM completing the necessary paperwork so we could mail it the next day.  We knew that we would be close as far as getting a court date before the court closures in late August and September.  We just wanted to make sure our daughter knew that no matter the outcome, we did everything in our power to get her home as quickly as possible! We were THRILLED when we got a phone call one week after our referral date saying we had a court date of :



AUGUST 13th!!!  It is a bit surreal to think that we will be holding our daughter in less than 2 weeks after such a long wait on the waiting list! SO…God faithfully answered many prayers requesting we get a court date before rainy season and we give Him ALL the praise for that!

I also wanted to take a minute to let you know what we are planning to name our daughter so you can pray for her by name going forward.  We decided on her name a long time ago,and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t put it on our blog or Facebook until now except that I just felt like we were supposed to wait. Anyway, the name we chose(o.k. really I chose it and Troy grew to love it over time) doesn’t really have a big significant meaning and it isn’t a family name.  It does start with the same letter as Silas’ name which is consistent with what my parents did in naming me and my siblings(Amy, Amber, Adam).  Ultimately, the name was chosen because we liked it and it’s a little different but not crazy different which works for us!  So, her name shall be:




Her Ethiopian name begins with a T., and we will keep that as her middle name.  So, officially she will be Saylor T. Lucht.  Silas can say her first name easily, and he has been telling everybody we meet that we know who Saylor is now(as if they should know exactly what he is talking about)!  Regardless of the name we have chosen for her, we take comfort in knowing that God knows every single detail about her right down to the number of hairs on her precious head.  He loved her and knew her before the thought of her ever existed in our minds.  Wow! It truly is amazing to dwell on how He loves all of His children, even our precious Saylor.  We continue to trust that He planted Saylor’s adoption in our hearts, and that He will be faithful to carry it to completion.  Would you please join us in praying that we will pass court on the 1st attempt?  We would be so grateful for you to partner with us in bringing us one step closer to getting our daughter home.  May God pour out His richest blessings upon your family this week!


Alison said...

Oh, I LOVE her name!!! And you know I love having them all start with the same letter! My brothers and I are like that, and so are our 4 kids! And I am beyond excited that ya'll will be going so soon to meet your sweet Saylor!!! JOY!!!

Kelly said...

What a beautiful name. I am sure it will match her perfectly. I"m so happy to hear that you all got your court date before closure....Praise the Lord!

Ron & Maria said...

Yeah for AUGUST and for SAYLOR to meet her new family!

Monica Johnson said...

Maybe we'll see you on the plane ride home?? We head to ET on the 19th and will be coming back on the 21st. Our case sailed through Embassy and we are going to pick our little pumpkin up!!