Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mid-Summer Recap

We have had a fun yet busy summer so far.  I am not complaining though because summer is my favorite season.  I truly love all things summer…even the hot weather!  I just thought I would give you a quick recap of what we have been up to!

June2012 021 

Blackberry picking in our backyard

June2012 030 

RC & Moon Pie Festival

June2012 029

June2012 033

June2012 036

June2012 037

June2012 022

Visit from Mammaw & her co-worker/friend, Ms. Vicki

June2012 024

Friday playdates at the park

June2012 025

Birthday parties

June2012 026


June2012 028

Celebrating new life

July2012 002

Conquering big slides

July2012 003

Challenging daddy at Centipede

July2012 006

Getting a jumpstart on the fireworks for tomorrow

We are eagerly looking forward to the second half of this summer,and we pray it will include a celebration for the referral of our daughter! Have a safe and blessed 4th of July!

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Ron & Maria said...

Silas is getting so big! and Troy is still sporting that facial hair. Prayers that he can shave it off soon!
Happy 4th of July!