Monday, April 23, 2012

1 month at #1

It just hurt my heart to type the title of this blog.  Yesterday marked 21 months at being on the waitlist, and today is 1 month at being #1 for the referral of our daughter.  I have to admit that this spot on the waitlist is by far the most exhausting.  Every weekday, I wake up and think “Could this be the day?”, and as the day progresses my hope of getting that call diminishes.  As much as I try to not let it consume my thoughts, my human flesh takes over and it does;however, I continue to hold steadfast to the truth I know which is that God’s timing is perfect.  Regardless of how I feel, He has a plan and a purpose that is far more perfect than anything I could ever imagine.  I know when we see our daughter’s face, all of this emotional angst will melt away.  Until then, I will cling to my Creator and trust in His perfect ways because He is truly all we need.


From my full heart... said...

The joy is coming! Any minute now, the joy is coming! I am praying for your hearts as the moment nears and cannot WAIT to see who God has been preparing for you!

4 Blessings said...

I know it has to be so hard to have waited this long and then sit at #1, but I have been so encouraged by your amazing strength and light. I thought of John 16:21 when I read your post. Your anguish will soon be replaced by joy.
I can't wait to celebrate your joy.
Love ya,