Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indiana Weekend

Last weekend, we made the ~3 hour trip up to Indiana to visit Amber's family. On the way up Friday, we stopped and had lunch with her Mammaw and Pappaw Harold. Silas usually never eats good at restaurants ... he is too busy checking out what else is going on. We then went back to their condo for a little more visiting and headed up to her mom's...

Silas with his great-mammaw and great-pappaw Harold

Silas' cousins (age 5 and 10) were so excited we were coming up ... not because Uncle Troy and Aunt Amber were coming but Silas was going to be there. They ended up spending both Friday and Saturday nights at Amber's mom so they could get as much Silas time as they could. It is so great seeing how much they love him. I think the quote of the weekend was Ross, who is 5, was reading one of Silas' favorite books to him ... "Bright Eyes, Brown Skin." Ross interjected with his own comment, "Look Silas, these kids have brown skin like you. But you're a little darker." He said it just so matter-of-factly. So cute.

Ross gave us a show Friday night ... it's unreal this kid is 5 and in kindergarten ... boy can read great and did great with the camcorder going :)

Saturday was real nice so we went up to the local park. Silas had a good time just running around. He is now in a more inquisitive phase so he likes to run around and look/touch things versus actually playing on them.

Silas and I walking to the playground

Playing up on the playground

Love that boy!

Mammaw, Silas, Momma, and cousin Kennedy

Silas loved walking up and down a wheelchair wrap at the park

Cousin Ross, Silas, and Kennedy ... they love Silas so much!

Saturday night, Silas was entertaining everyone Saturday night ... boy loves putting on a show...


OK, quick story about last night ... we went to an adoption fundraiser for our friends adopting from Uganda. We used a new babysitter that was recommended to us by friends. The babysitter said she put Silas down in his crib still awake ... which isn't unusual when he goes bed for the night. Well, she stayed outside his room for a minute to make sure he was good to go. She said she heard a noise and a couple seconds later, she saw him running towards her! The boy dived out of his crib! Ugh! So, this morning, I dropped his crib down to the lowest setting but I don't think those 2 inches will keep him in for long. We don't want to put one of those 'tent' things above his crib and know he wouldn't do the big-boy bed yet ... kid is only 17 months old (as of yesterday! which is crazy in itself!) and he'd be crawling out playing with all his toys. I guess I should have taken Amber's talking in her sleep a couple nights ago as a premonition ... she woke me up in the middle of the night by saying "GET DOWN SILAS!" :)

Ah, the joys of a 17-month old Ethiopian boy ... wouldn't have it any other way! :)


3 Blessings said...

Great dancing Silas! Ryann was watching and clapping for you.

Lisa said...

Oh, bad news about the crib...Our daughter started climbing out at around 15 or 16 months, and by 17 months we were forced to remove the crib from her room and put her on a real mattress to keep her safe. She was climbing in AND out of her crib. The result has been that we've had to sit with her until she falls asleep for most of the past year. And now that she's starting to go to sleep on her own, she's created monsters to be afraid of and keep us in her room. So, good luck with that.

But he's so cute, it's worth it!

Kristi J said...

hilarious..we have LL in a pack n play in her room ever since her crib broke for good...she can't get out..but i'm sure it won't be long :) cutie pics, kj
ps..i put all my bio kids in big beds with rails at 12 months..just an worked great..I put a baby gate at the door so if they got up, they couldn't get out of the room and we didn't have to close the door either...kj

The Hull's at #4 said...

Finn did that about two weeks ago also!!!! Truett had to lower his crib too, and I know it won't last long. We're not sure what we're going to do. :(