Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recap (and a family post)

Last weekend was (FINALLY) real nice here in TN and we got the opportunity to go to the park and let Silas enjoy what he likes best ...being outside. We are so ready for Spring to get here and longer days and warmer weather!

Silas loved walking up this ramp ... it was pretty steep ... I was impressed that he could go up it without holding on to anything.

The jury is still out on whether we think Silas likes to swing by himself ... alot of time he looks nauseous but warmed up to it this day.

Silas and I heading back into the playground

How can you not love that boy? Need a reason to have an amazing blessing in your life? There he is :)

OK, we didn't 'do' his hair before going to play but you can see how long it's getting :) He's getting a little less tolerant of us doing it now ... still trying to figure out how long we'll let it get...

Silas wanted to swing with mama before we left ... I think he likes that more than swinging by himself.

This past Friday afternoon we had the joy of welcoming home this family with their 2 boys from Ethiopia. My prayer is that Silas will get to know them well as their youngest is real close in age to him and we just haven't found a whole lot of Ethiopian boys close in age to him. Kristi did a great job in her post ... read more here.

Silas with 2 of Amy's kiddos "patiently" waiting for the delayed plane. It's amazing how God planted Amy & Paul in our lives. We met them at an African fellowship about an hour away in early fall and found out they live in our town ... not only in our town but less than a mile away! They are an amazing family and in process of adopting a little boy ... how great will it be for Silas to have an Ethiopian buddy that close! What's great is that we can share our experiences with them and when they travel back home, they can do the same for me as our agency's transition home moved so there is alot of new experiences in country.

Their daughters meeting their brothers for the first time! Flat-out amazing to witness.

OK, most of the rest of this post is really for our family. Since Amber and I are implants to TN, we have family telling us they are having Silas withdrawals. You are more than welcomed to watch if you're not family but just a warning they're longer videos....

This one is one from us hanging out watching the Olympics on Friday night. Silas loves to walk backwards now and thought it was funny that he was going 'byebye' for some reason.

Saturday morning Amber went to (try to) give blood (but the wait was like 2 hours) and go run a couple errands. Silas and I had the opportunity to hang out all morning. Here is ~10 minute glimpse of what life is like with him :)

Right after that video, something sparked Silas into remembering Mama wasn't home and he was on a quest to find her!

This morning we had the opportunity to go to friends' house for breakfast. They called last night and said his brother and sister-in-law were coming in town for a night. They had been in Louisville for an adoption conference and they feel God is leading them to adopt from Ethiopia! So over breakfast we discussed our experiences in the adoption process, how God led us on the journey to Silas, how He's still leading us, and the orphan crisis and how He's asking us all to stand up for them. What a great morning!

Alright, better get some workwork done :( Have a great week (or 2 or 3 ... knowing how often I post :)


Mandie said...

As a couple that is just starting the Ethiopian adoption process, I can't tell you how exciting it is to have people like you blog your story. It is such an encouragment and blessing. I actually cried when I watched the video of Silas talking! What a blessing he is!

3 Blessings said...

Love all the pictures and videos. Thanks for the kind words. We are so thankful to God for placing your family in our lives. Such a blessing to have you all so close and we all think the world of Silas.

AprilM said...

I can't believe how much Silas has grown...He's so handsome...We are currently waiting for our court date...Keep us in your prayers...God Bless!!!

Tara said...

oh he is too cute love that he's doing so well!!!!!

Ben & Christi said...

GREAT videos! The one of him doing Bye-Bye over and over is classic. Isn't it amazing how they will do the same thing over and over and over and still find it entertaining?!?!? Fun to see him grow!

meredith said...

We really enjoyed meeting all of you last weekend. Silas is beyond precious! Thanks so much for answering our many questions.