Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silas' first week

I'm working on the Gotcha Day post but those Ethiopia review posts take alot of time and thinking ... so in the meantime, I figured I'd review some of Silas' first week home. After weeding through the hundreds of pictures from the week :) here are a few of the better ones...facebook friends, these are the same pics I've uploaded there ... I have a feeling in the future, I won't put as many here (maybe the 'best of the best') so keep an eye out on Facebook for more pics...

Silas is doing GREAT! From the pics, it may appear he smiles 100% of the time. Not quite true. He's a pretty content baby but his strong will comes out when things don't go his way or the minute he's hungry or when he's done being in his highchair or when it's nap time and he's not ready to sleep. He's got a pretty pitiful whine and a high pitch squeal when he's not happy. It's amazing though that we can take him outside when he's like that and 9 out of 10 times, he calms down. He LOVES being outside just sitting on our porch. Not necessarily a habit we want to get into (especially come January) but it works right now as we learn more about him.

ok, onto the pics...

Hanging out before bed in his Cubbie pj's

Love being on Mommy & Daddy's Bed

Hey Cubbies ... I wear the colors well ... don't forget me as bat boy in a few years.

We're seeing more and more of that tongue :p

Baseball card photo worthy

Move over thumb! I got a tongue to stick out...

Silas giving mommy wet kisses

Daddy, can I have the camera ... pleeeeeze?

Daddy and Silas both cashed out ... it was definitely past our bedtimes.

Hanging out in the yard ... our boy loves to be outside.

Looking up at the tree ... Silas is so intrigued by them.

Just making room to ensure the tongue has room to come out and play too

Bubble boy lives at our house now

Silas LOVES being upside down ... he and his momma will have fun on rollercoasters in the future while daddy takes pictures from the ground. My motto is that God did not create us to have our brains smashed against the side of our skulls :)

Silas on his Lightening McQueen car ... thanks for the car Mr. Paul!

Smiling baby

Playing on the living room floor.

Silas with his great mamaw

Silas and great papaw Harold

Silas at the neighbor's pool. He was ok until kids jumped in and it scared the daylights out of him.

He's still not so sure about the big pool ... he loves his little pool and bathtime but the big pool was a little intimidating for him.

Hanging out in the living room playing his music/learning toy

Hanging out at the park

Just lounging and taking it easy...

LOVE this picture!

Mommy & Silas before church

Little stud in his new duds from his Aunt Amy.

Again, loves being upside down. Silas and daddy on our porch after church.

Silas thought he was king of the castle being on the dining room table in only his diaper.


Cuteness 2

Cuteness 3


The Bogard Family said...

Silas is SO cute!!! I love the pictures!!!

Tara said...

he's sooooooooo cute looks like you guys are doing great

Mandy said...

It looks like the newest Lucht is doing awesome! I don't believe he has a temper - he's too cute and smiley. :)

AprilM said...

Troy and Amber, Silas is gorgeous!!!!We love all the pictures....Keep us in your prayers, still on the waitlist..God Bless and keep the pictures coming!!!!

Tisha said...

I just love that little boy!!!! He is adorable. I believe that having a strong willed children makes you become better parents. At least that is what I have to say over and over again when I am getting ready to rip my hair out some days. :)

Lauren said...

He is so cute!!!! Seriously, what an amazing baby you have:)
Expect a friend request from me on facebook. I don't want to miss any pictures of his cuteness.

Eastiopians said...

Wow...what great pics of an incredibly cute little boy! I love love love the pic of Silas and his mommy kissing. That is so beautiful. Also, love his blue and white fancy church outfit. How adorable!

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE all the pics!! He's ADORABLE!!

"Indescribable" said...

I bet your cheeks hurt from smiling so much! He is beautiful, just so wonderfully beautiful! God Bless your family!

emilyspeech said...

Sweet sweet sweet!!!!