Friday, July 18, 2008

Blessings to Week End

Whew, the last 24+ hours have been exhausting ... so happy it's Friday night. After getting home from work last night, I had the joy of working on my mower for 4 hours ... the mower deck broke on Monday and the parts came in yesterday. I had to get it mowed soon or I was worried that my neighbor would be sending over his goats to help me out.

Once the mower was fixed, a late dinner, I organized some paperwork for the home study and realized I needed to find my social security card. My card is in a manilla envelope with other personal items. The hunt was on ... and continued on well past midnight. I tore the house apart and there was no sign of it. Come this morning, I searched for it again after morning prayer group. No luck. For some reason, I thought if I search my filing cabinet the 8th time, it would be in there.

I finally swallowed my pride and went to the Social Security office and ordered a replacement that should be here in a couple weeks. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes ... huge blessing!Also, another blessing appeared when I called a banker I have a property loan with and she had a copy of my social security card from my loan. She was sweet and scanned it and emailed it to me so at least I have a copy for the home study (thanks Heather!).

Now being that I priority-mailed the money for the form needed in Illinios on Monday, they should have received it Wednesday, at the latest yesterday. So I called them today to see the status and how long it should be for them to mail it out ... hoping they would tell me they already had.. The lady on the phone was nice enough and told me it was ready to send but they hadn't received the check yet ... ummm, hmmm ... I have a feeling it's on someone's desk but nonetheless, they won't send the form out until they "receive" it. She did say if they didn't "get it" in the next day, they would have to "track it down." I couldn't figure out why they couldn't track it down today ... but here's to more patience, I guess.

We then went to the Rutherford County Sherriff's Office to get our local police clearance for the home study. The front-desk deputy was way nice and didn't even charge us for the clearance (we were told it was going to be $5/person). She even asked if we wanted it notarized and she tracked down their notary there. The form didn't say it had to be but with knowing what we know, it's better to be safe than sorry. We were in and out of there in 10 minutes. Another blessing.

I mowed and then we ended the night with a good dinner sitting outdoors at Mellow Mushroom. We definitely recommend their humus dip appetizer and calzones. Make sure to order a to-go box because the calzones are huge!

Alright, I better quit procrastinating and get on the Home Study some more ... I gotta try to finish the financial statement this weekend. The good thing is that by the end of this weekend, Amber and I should only have 4 dozen or so essay questions and the autobiography left ... most of this round of paperchasing will be done and it's just us busting through the personal questions and writings.. The goal is to finish those out in the next couple of weeks. That timeline should fit well with the hopeful approval of AGCI. Keep praying for AGCI approval! Thanks!

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C & R said...

we love mellow mushroom and we actually eat there all the time small world