Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Year Gotcha Day Reunion

This past Sunday, June 15, was Silas’ Gotcha Day. It seems like just yesterday that Troy and I were walking through the red Hannah’s Hope gate to meet our sleeping son for the first time.  It’s a day that will forever be etched in my memory, and what a privilege it has been to parent this boy of ours! This year marked a bit of a milestone as it has been five years, and we were able to celebrate a couple days early (June 13) with all but one of the families we traveled with to bring our son home.  One family drove 13 hours to take part, and we were so glad they did! Lucy Lane’s parents were so gracious to host the celebration once again this year, and they have the perfect set up for kid friendly parties.  You can see the fun that was had in the pictures below!

June2014 085

Silas was in his element outdoors with a water slide, zipline, and movie screen for entertainment


June2014 081

I remember playing ball with J out in front of our hotel in Ethiopia.  She is so grown up now!


June2014 086

This is J’s older sister.  So beautiful.


June2014 082

Lucy Lane was gracious enough to give a smile for the camera!


June2014 083

Sweet J is one of the winners for traveling the farthest to join our celebration.


June2014 084

This is the other winner, B! He is a twin to J in the picture above.


June2014 106

Precious W was able to come at the last minute because his older brother’s game got rained out. 


June2014 087 

Here the kids are preparing to have “Happy Gotcha Day” sung to them.


June2014 094

All the kids in our traveling group minus one little boy.  This picture is clear evidence of God’s redemption!


June2014 096

We added a few more Ethiopian cuties for this pic!


June2014 078

Saylor enjoyed the celebration as well.


June2014 099

I love this picture of all the kids enjoying their cake, and interacting with one another.


June2014 101

Sweet S. was being shy for the camera.


June2014 102

The moms from our traveling group.  I love the bond I share with these ladies!


June2014 104

I think somebody enjoyed her cake and ice cream!


June2014 108

He wasn’t eating any of it, but he wasn’t letting go of his pizza!


June2014 111

Who doesn’t enjoy an egg toss?


June2014 112

Running races always bring out everyone’s competitive spirit.


June2014 113

This outdoor movie theater was a hit as well.


June2014 114

Saylor even sat still for a large part of a movie.


June2014 119

I will end with this one.  June 15 was not only Silas’ Gotcha Day, but it was also Father’s Day as well.  I just love how God orchestrated that timing.  Troy is such a good daddy to Silas(to both of our children for that matter), and it was so fun for them to be able to celebrate their special days together.  Silas, the past five years have flown by, but we look forward to what God has in store for your life.  We can’t thank God enough for choosing us to be your mama and daddy.  Happy Gotcha Day Buddy!  We love you around the world and back many times over!

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