Friday, December 6, 2013

18 Months

Our precious daughter is 18 months old today!  She is growing up way to quickly for our liking, but nonetheless, we are enjoying witnessing every moment!

November2013 049

This girl has quite a personality that continues to develop with each passing day.  She brings such joy to our house, and she is a constant source of entertainment.  Here is a little about what she is up to lately:

1.She is talking quite a bit, and she has no problems making her needs known! Some of her favorite words are ‘me’(when she wants something to eat that Silas has), ‘Si-Si’(what she calls Silas), and ‘see’(when she wants to see pictures on daddy’s phones).

2. She loves to eat,and fruits tend to win out over most things these days.  Of course, she also loves her sweets like the rest of our family.  Her drink of choice is whole milk.

3. She loves to dance! She can really get her arms and/or shoulders moving when an upbeat song comes on the radio.

4. She loves to help us do things around the house such as emptying the dishwasher, putting in the laundry, and throwing things away in the trash can.  I am hoping this love continues for a LONG time;)

5.She is such a lovable little girl, and she is very quick to give a hug when she knows she has done something wrong. 

6. She likes her shoes!  She regularly goes to her closet and brings out shoes for me to put on her.  This is cute now, but daddy may not think so when she’s a teenager!

I could go on and on, but I will stop to let you see a few pictures of this precious girl (with a few from Thanksgiving weekend thrown in).

November2013 004

November2013 008

November2013 020

November2013 027

November2013 024 

November2013 050

November2013 058

december2013 005

december2013 028

Happy 18 months Saylor!  We continue to thank God every day for your life! You are the perfect fit for our family, and we will forever be grateful!

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