Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Year Referral-versary

Three years ago today, Troy and I received a phone call that forever changed our lives.  We officially became parents for the first time, and we were thrilled!  Our caseworker informed us that she had a little boy she wanted to talk to us about, and I don’t know that we heard much past that:)  Here are a couple of the first pictures we saw of our precious son:



I think I nearly wore our computer out looking at his pictures over and over.  Of course, we had prints made to show off to everyone as well!  Needless to say, we are so humbled that God chose us to be the parents of Silas Abrham Lucht.  He fills our lives with such joy, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.  In honor of his referral-versary, I thought I would share five of the many things we love about our son.

1. his smile – it is infectious and can light up a room in a second


2. the fact that he is all boy– he loves to run, jump, and makes lots of noise as well as all things motorized, especially trains

April2011 045

3. to hear his sweet prayers – I have had back problems on/off for 3 years now, and he faithfully prays for it to feel better very soon:)

4. how he gets SO excited about small things in life – string cheese with his meals, popcorn and movie night, reading time at the library, or getting to go to the park

november 2011 019

5.  the love he has already developed in his heart for his new sister – Just yesterday he asked when she is coming home, and I said I don’t know buddy that will be up to God.  He replied “ but mama, we have ALL of our paperwork done, and I really want her to come soon”.  Neither Troy and I have directly had a conversation with him about paperwork but obviously his little ears have been listening.  He tells nearly everyone we meet he is going to have a sister, and I pray this love will grow even stronger once she is home




Silas, I cannot put into words the amount of love daddy and I have for you.  I pray that God will grant His favor and wisdom upon you all the days of your life, and that you will grow up to be a man that centers your life around Jesus Christ.  We are extremely blessed to be your parents, and thank you for the past three years of joy that you have brought to our lives. 

Love Always,

Mama and Daddy


Blessed Bentons said...

What a precious post....and beautiful child he is!!! Can't WAIT for his little sis to finally be welcomed HOME!!! Continuing to pray!

woosterweester said...

Oh Amber he is just too precious! So glad I got to meet you in person at C4C. Can't wait to see him become a big brother!