Monday, August 15, 2011

Gymnast In The Making(and a fun family visit)

For the past 6+months, it has not been uncommon for Troy and I to catch Silas walking his feet up the wall in attempt to stand on his hands, doing forward rolls, or jumping down from anything he can find that is elevated. So, we decided that a weekly gymnastics class might be a great outlet for some of his energy!  I did a little research and found a gymnastics place that is close to our house,Christ centered, and one of the main guys that runs the place has a heart for orphan care/adoption!  We did a free trial class and Silas loved it so we decided to enroll him.  I have enjoyed watching him in a different context and seeing how he attends/responds to other adults.  I also love the fact that they pray at the beginning of each class. It warms my heart to witness the innocence of each child as his/her prayer request is spoken.   It is a weekly reminder that I never want to cease in striving to have a child like faith.  My sister, niece, and nephew came to visit during this past week, and my sister tried out her new camera at Silas’ gymnastics class.  You can see a few pictures below:


Silas sitting on his ‘shape’ as he waits for his turn



Not sure what he’s looking at here



Getting instruction from his teacher



Jump time!


Moving through the obstacle course


After the class, we went to a local park to continue visiting with Aunt Amy, Kennedy, and Ross.  The one thing I miss with living in this area is not having family close by; however, I am thankful for technology in that regards because it makes it easy to keep in touch! We always enjoy when family comes to town.


My nephew, Ross


Silas stealing some of Kennedy’s gatorade


Ross was so proud that he conquered the monkey bars!


I’ll end with this of picture my sweet boy!  I can’t believe he’ll be 3 in less than 2 months!  God has been good to us!