Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 months

It's almost comical that it has been 2 months since my last post. It's actually sad. Our poor girl is going to get the short end of the stick for her time on this blog. Baby girl, it's no indication of our love or dedication to bring you home forever. Here's the update on our adoption so far...

  • we have all our paperwork in for our homestudy

  • our homestudy interviews are scheduled over the next week

  • we are working through the big fat workbook our agency has us do

  • we are frustrated with fingerprints. Our agency now requires us to get FBI prints for them. Well, our home study requires state-level Tennessee prints that actually go to the FBI. We thought this was good enough. This past week we found out we were wrong. Those won't work! So, let the delays begin. We are going to hopefully go tomorrow to get ink prints done to mail into the FBI. It could take up to ~12 weeks to get them back ... we know others that have gotten them back in 7ish ... hopefully, it will be on the shorter end. These print results have to be in our homestudy so we can't turn in our homestudy until they're back. And we can't get on the waitlist until after our homestudy is in. And the girls list is currently 50+ (for reference with Silas, we were 28 on girls and 15 on boys when we got on the list). Sigh. We know we are delayed in order for the girl God has for us to be at Hannah's Hope (our orphanage in Ethiopia) but it doesn't make it any easier when you're living it out.

That's about all for our adoption ... hopefully we can be on the wait list in a couple months ... we'll see..

A couple weeks ago, we went to Texas to visit family and had the opportunity to see a couple AGCI families that we know. Here are some pics ... not necessarily in order as blogger has had issues tonight uploading pics. We had a blast hanging out with can also see some pictures from Paul/DeeDee's blog here

Having fun having HIS shoes on his favorite monkey in the hotel room in Austin.

Having fun at the Austin Children's museum ... boy didn't care why the ball was floating ... he just wanted the ball!

We love this family. Kim was the first person who gave us pictures of Silas smiling...

Another family we love ... talk about living it out ... they are planning to be missionaries in Ethiopia next year!

The kissing bandit. Silas is pretty funny these days ... "Silas, go give Olivia (or Lucy Lane or Lydia or ???) a kiss." Boy will just walk over and give a kiss. Usually, he doesn't get a return kiss like above :)

Finn & Silas in the battle of the balls. Not sure which boy has a stronger love for balls

The mamas with their Ethiopian kiddos.

Love this boy.

Fish Face!

Enjoying a little league game of my nephew

We did a little photo shoot in a field behind the hospital that my sister works at.

Attempt at a family photo

Michael Jordan tongue wagging going on...

The stare

Playing with the flowers

Love this picture

At the Houston Zoo ... Silas would hit the tail on the goat and the tail would go crazy and Silas would just die laughing!

Having fun walking through chains at the zoo

Look the horns on this thing! They are from Africa ... wouldn't mess with them.

Checking out the giraffes ... boy loved them.

Love this picture of 2 of my most favorite people on the planet

Amber's brother's family with their new baby boy

Silas' newest cousin ... Doesn't get much more adorable than that!

Happy boy!

Today we had our first Forever Family Fellowship picnic for The 1:27 Call and it was great to talk to all the families that 'get it.' For example, one dad I met who is in the midst of a homestudy for either Ethiopia or special needs China said that it was time for them to 'live it out'. He said they couldn't just check the box that they go to church or give a tithe, that they had to physically live out their faith. I was blown away. Amazing family. Hopefully we can have pictures soon of today's picnic ... I didn't have our camera out and will rely on others ... like Kristi sending me pictures of Silas giving LucyLane a kiss or 3 :) It's amazing to think that Silas and LL were in Ethiopia a year ago together ... and in a park in middle Tennessee today. Love how God works like that.

OK, see ya in a couple months :)


Kristi J said...

too funny...just posted the pics...I"ll send them to ya too :) cutie kiddos, kj

3 Blessings said...

Hopefully you will update before two months because we love seeing all of Silas' pictures. Yesterday was a lot of fun.
See you guys Friday. Thanks again!!!( I am having the hardest time leaving a comment on your blog...hopefully you will not get this 3 times)


Benton Family said...

I literally got chills on the last part of the blog, Troy. Living out our faith. Then the part about a year ago Silas and LL being in Ethiopia--God amazes me everyday!


The Hull's at #4 said...

Troy, I'm so sad, I was going to print out some pictures for Tucker that I had taken and I somehow Zapped all my Austin pictures - GONE - :(.
Thanks for posting we had such a great time!!!

Matt said...

Great pictures. I like "The stare".

"Indescribable" said...

Your little guy is SO handsome! You better stop his practice kissing!

It's so cool to see these families - all together!
Love your pictures.