Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration

OK, I know ... same ol' song and dance of me slacking on posts. There is good reason which will be explained in another post. If my trend continues, you should know by Christmas :)

It's crazy that 8 months ago today, we saw Silas' picture for the first time. I don't think I have ever shared his referral pictures but here are a couple ... wow, how he has changed!

how could we not fall in love with that face? That is the only 'smile' we had for a long time ... he was so serious in his pictures.

Our boy turns 1 tomorrow ... that is absolutely nuts. It's such a joy to see how much he's progressed in the last 4 months since coming home.

ok, gotta throw a video in ... here he is at dinner Thursday night. I was popping my lips and clicking my tongue ... watch for the fish lips :) and, yeah, I'm aware who is really imitating who :)

Yesterday, we had a party for him in the park by our house. Of course, it felt like 10 degrees with the windchill here in Tennessee but friends and family still battled the cold to come out and celebrate with us. My facebook buddies have seen these pictures but needed to get them out in blogland as well...enjoy!! (thanks to Amber's sister Amy who took over our camera and took most of these for us)
His cake ... we had a local stay-at-home mom who does it on the side do it ... we think she did a great job.

Silas' tiger smash cake :)

Party people

More party people

I think he was hugging on his girl trying to stay warm :)

Here is Amy and her 2 girls ... they live literally like 2 minutes from us and are adopting from Ethiopia using our agency ... so very cool that Silas will have an Ethiopian buddy so close that lived in the same transition home as he did.

Sweet Kate

Silas' girlfriend from Ethiopia Lucy Lane came to celebrate with him ... we traveled with Kristi to Ethiopia and Silas and Lucy Lane were at Hannah's Hope together ... still really don't comprehend that ... and still haven't figured out what Kristi was doing in this picture :)

Kimuel downing a capri sun ... how cute is that kid?

Birthday boy!

Silas just leaned on back into Kimuel ... it was pretty funny

We had an elephant pinata that the kids enjoyed ... I'm glad it was a pull-string one or I would not have been holding it :)

winner winner chicken dinner ... get that candy!

Silas' cousin Ross with the infamous elephant

Happy with her candy

ok, cake time. Silas was very tentative at first ... sticking a finger in the icing and licking it ... here he had a little on his hand.

Now he's starting to get the hang of it...

Fist full ... good job boy!

Shove it in!

What was left over of his cake :)

Everyone enjoyed the cake.

Amy deep in thought ... or so cold she's frozen :)

Kristi's George downing some cake ... I think that is the only thing that slowed him down all day.

How beautiful is this girl?

Above baby girl's sister ... she woke up a couple days before the party talking about Silas. Her mom told her they would see him in a couple days at his party. Well, she doesn't quite understand "days" so she asked 10+ times/day when were they going to see Silas :)

Love this pic

Lucy Lane cashed out

Present time!

I liked Kristi on the other side of the camera for once :)

Jax enjoying the party

Our sweet neighbors ... they were the first people we let Silas stay with (besides his regular babysitter) ... they love our boy...

Say hi to Kate again!

Amber's and my dad ... looks like trouble is luring, doesn't it?

Look at the sweatshirt Amber's mom made ... we love it!


Presents continued after Silas crashed for his afternoon nap ... here he is opening up the ball/trampoline thing his aunt Amy/uncle Paul/cousins got him.


Look at our boy standing by himself ... he took 3 steps to Amber last night ... he will be walking in no time!

Think he loves all his toys? (favorite pic of the day here)

"I want to play with them all ... right now!"

How could you not love this boy ?!

Silas, we couldn't imagine our lives without you ... what did we do before you came into our lives? Happy Birthday son ... we love you!


3 Blessings said...

We had such a great time! Happy 1st Birthday Silas. Your party was adorable and we were so honored to get to be there. We look forward to many more celebrations!

Kristi J said...

oh...i love all the pics...well, except the one of me with my tongue funny :) It was so adorable down to every single little detail..I can tell you all worked so hard on it..We'll see you all next month at LL's big ONE!! Your commentary below the pics was almost as good as the pics :) kj

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Happy birthday Silas!!!! He is a doll. Our Annsleigh turns one this Friday. We have just got to get them together and I would love to also get to meet some of Silas other Ethiopian friends. We are settled in and ready to socialize anytime.

Jeanine said...

Awww, what sweet pictures! I'm sad we couldn't make it, but it looks like he had a great party! What a sweetie. Tell Silas the Joyner kids can't wait for the chance to play with him again. We love that sweet boy!

Maria and Family said...