Monday, December 8, 2008

December Official #'s

OK, we just got off the phone with our Case Manger and received our new OFFICIAL #'s...

#11 boys

#21 girls

Being that there were some referrals last week, we know that our unofficial #'s are close ... she said to watch for the bi-weekly email that will come out Friday and that will tell us where we are "unofficially."

In any event, to move 4 spots on the boys and 5 spots on the girls in 3 weeks is amazing. We know that we are fast out of the gates and it's a marathon but it's hard not to be excited about it. It's encouraging that there is movement happening in Ethiopia.

It is also great that we have such a great ambassador running our orphanage, Hannah's Hope, in Ethiopia. From everything people have said and wrote, she is an amazing saint and I can't wait to meet her in person in Ethiopia one day soon. To know the love she gave our child and the battles she fought on our behalf .... well, it'll just be very humbling to meet her. Thank You 'A' for all you do for us!


Renee said...

You guys are really flying up those lists You must be so excited. Just a warning the closer you get to the top the more overwhelming it becomes. Enjoy the ride.

Renee said...

I had the constant questions from family and friends to which is what led me to created the blog. We have some people that check frequetly and some that only check once a month. What I do is every month when we get the official #'s i sent out an email to everyone reminding them to check the blog and also letting the computer challenged (haha) know what our new # is. It has cut down on the constant questions and definitly helped me maintain some small level of sanity. Now if only i had never joined the list serve and discovered blog stalking haha just kidding its been great connecting with other families on the list and having people to enjoy the ride with.

Renee said...

Any incompetence you show with the computer will be kept secret no worries haha. I started out only posting my offical #'s on the blog but since we are so low now the excitment has taken over and i've posted unoffical ones...its been a faster journey up the list then we had thought it would be to but i'm thrilled that we have moved this fast..hopefully the rest of the process moves just as quickly

Eryn said...

wow, you guys are moving up the list quickly! That is so awesome!! praying for it to go quickly